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Our Story

From Our Founder

In 2020, Mohit Nagpal, co-founder of Myki, went through a dreadful experience of chronic Fissure-in-ano and had gone through multiple micro surgeries. While going through this traumatic process, he had to wear sanitary pads for almost 2 years. This was a one in a million situation.

The ghastly thought of ladies in the family, all going through this unpleasant feeling, and most importantly, the two daughters Myrah & Kiara who will also have to go through this, made him depressed. Wearing a sanitary pad is the most unpleasant feeling on this planet that has always troubled women in menstrual hygiene and a woman has to go through this every month for years.

Best Menstrual products in india
Best Menstrual products in india

To break the stigma around menstrual hygiene and redefine womanhood, it is necessary for “A Man” to stand for it. We take it upon ourselves to talk about things that are usually hushed in society. We take pride in ourselves for being outspoken, bold, courageous, witty, and a personal hygiene expert.

A brand, by a son-for his mother, by a brother-for his sister, by a husband-for his wife, by a father-for the daughters. With the aim of making products which makes menstrual experience a lot better, MYKI was born.

A brand which develops products from world-class research, we work with experts across India, USA, Israel, Russia & Europe to create products that are Safe, user-friendly and meet the highest standards for ingredient safety around the world. Today, we are on a mission to help woman by providing unbiased and unprejudiced information to empower them making the right choice and offering products that solve unaddressed health and hygiene issues.

Our Mission

Through the discomfort, we bring comfort.

We're here for you through the highs of conquering the world and the lows of staying in bed. Painful periods, leaky bladders, and complex bodies would all be history if we had our way. Up until that time, we are doing it our all to create items that bring you comfort and peace of mind when you need it the most.

Best Menstrual products in india
Best Menstrual products in india

Everybody has a right to comfort.

We firmly think that everyone should be able to get period care. Therefore, with every MYKI purchase, we give period supplies and body literacy materials to those who might not otherwise have access to them. Find out more about our effect.


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